Beginnings of the bug story

... or how it all started.

It took place a good few years ago... The car was amazing, its color was cherry. Slowly it came right next to me. Chromium-plated bumpers and other details shone in the morning sun. I will never forget the sound that I heard accompaning all of this. Regular, even work of the vehicle's four-cylinder engine was a sound which cannot ever be describe. When it was receding, something unexpectable etched in my memory.

A couple of years must pass before, in 1999, I finally became the proud owner of red 1302 model.
Unfortunately, that Bug met its end with a quite serious crash. Purchase of another one was as obviuos as it could be. In 2000 I bought an '83 Mex from the limited Special Bug edition, and I own it till now.

My name is Wojtek, you know me and my family well from the rallies.
Since the beginning of my love affair with the bug vehicle, I've always approached it with highest professionalism.

I have my own company CLASCAR now and I take care of these vehicles with dedication - I restore them to their original state.
I often reconstruct or create according to customer's requirements.
You will find more about what I deal with and how I do it on this website.

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