The CLASCAR company offers an extensive renovation of classic and vintage vehicles.
Having a considerable experience on that field, we specialize in restoring and renovating VOLKSWAGEN cars.

Restoring cars dating from the last century is something more than bringing them to a functional condition, it is a process which apart from great technical knowledge requires a good deal of inner commitment, historical background, and even a feeling... it simply requires different from contemporary approach to technology. A renovated vehicle is something more than a car, it's a relic, a masterpiece, a craftwork faithful to tradition, a collector's item, an object of desire.

Before setting about working on dismantling the car into basic sub-assemblies, certain conditions are agreed to by the customer:

Each of the stages given above are discussed systematically with the car' s owner to meet his most essential requirements. Every stage is documented by means of digital camera and the documentation is given to the owner in the collection day.

In order to fulfil these procedures, a careful selection of trusted cooperants is needed. Sheet-metal shops, paint shops and upholstery shops - their solidity guarantees success of the undertaking.

CLASCAR uses not only services of reliable experts and specialists. We cooperate with a plant that specializes in sand blasting and anticorrosive protection as well as with an upholstery shop specializing solely in classic vehicles what also involves sheet-metal and body shops. All the remaining part of renovation is done by us.

Restoration is passion, avocation and a hobby we combine with work.

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